Putting in a Pool Don’t Forget the Fence

Child safety pool fence

Putting in a pool? Don’t forget to put a fence around it. For every good reason, this statement is loaded with truth. When a family decides to install a pool in their yard, as much thought should be given to the fence that surrounds it as is given to the details of the pool itself. Pool fence companies can be found locally in most towns and cities. They supply such items as pool fences, pool gates, pool nets, pool safety covers, and more.

Safety is the number one word of importance when thinking of putting in a swimming pool. Between 2005 and 2009 there were more than 3,500 accidental drownings each year in the United States alone. That statistic breaks down to ten drownings each day; one in five of these were children 14 and younger. Whether it is a public pool, a private pool, or a pool in one’s own backyard, safety equipment needs to be securely installed.

Pool fence companies will not only supply and install fences and gates, etc., they will, in addition, be knowledgeable about the type of safety equipment needed, including weight and measurements. Functional swimming pool fencing needs to be at least four feet in height and have gates that are both self-closing and self-latching, the latches well out of the reach of children. When a pool fence is installed, it should be done in such a way that it need not be opened for any reason other than to access the pool for use or cleaning. The fence should remain securely latched at all times and should not lead anywhere else except to the pool area. When family members want to use the backyard for any other reason, they should not have to open the gate leading to the pool.

The gate providing access to the swimming pool is meant for one purpose only; to either get in or out. It should be installed in such a way that, when it opens, it swings away from the water. The gate and the latch are both mechanical equipment and are subject to the elements 24 hours a day, seven days a week; therefore, they are subject to deterioration as well as mechanical failure. They should be checked often for proper functionality. This is the best way to maintain pool safety.

Most pool fence companies these days install swimming pool fences that are made of a polyester mesh material with vinyl coating. The polyester mesh is strong and puncture resistant. The vinyl coating makes the fence easy to clean. This is said to be the single strongest material to use in the manufacturing of pool fences. The vinyl coating is almost impossible to tear, and it is resistant to mildew. A vinyl border surrounds all four sides of the fence to prevent the mesh from unraveling.

People often ask representatives of pool fence companies how far apart the fence poles should be. The standard answer is 36 inches. This places the poles close enough together to provide the fence with tension and strength. The rule of thumb is the closer the poles are together, the stronger the fence.

Pool fence companies offer safe and functional fencing of many different styles. When shopping for a fence to surround the pool, customers will find a lot of different styles and colors to choose from. Fences are available in mesh, but also in aluminum and wood, which do come in a choice of colors. A stylish fence can be installed while still adhering to the laws and codes that govern safety. The fence can also separate two areas of yard. One area is the pool area which is off-limits and locked unless under certain conditions, and the other area is the rest of the yard. This can be where a family has their grill and patio furniture, or it could be designated as the children’s play area; safely separated from the water.

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