Looking At The Dangers Of Radon And How You Can Work To Mitigate Them In Your Own Home

Your sump pump installation is an important thing here in the United States. After all, without the adequate sump pump installation, your sump pump is likely not to work in the way that it should be. Fortunately, the hiring of a local sump pump installation service is likely to be hugely beneficial in helping to ensure that your sump pump is working and continues to work in the way that it should be.

However, improper sump pump installation or care can lead to problems bigger than you might have imagined, bigger than just a sump pump that doesn’t work right. In far too many cases of improper sump pump care or even improper sump pump installation, the danger of radon gas becomes all too prevalent. In part, radon gas is so very dangerous because, like a number of other dangerous gases, it’s invisible, odorless, and absolutely tasteless, making it difficult to detect the presence of without the use of the services of a radon testing company.

And high radon levels that are above the action level that has been set by the Environmental Protection Agency (more commonly known as the EPA) are perhaps more common than one might realize. In fact, up to one out of every fifteen houses has been found to have radon levels that exceed what is considered to be safe, meaning that is more likely than many realize that their own homes have been impacted by radon levels, often caused by poor sump pump installation.

And radon levels that are higher than what the EPA has determined to be their action level can be hugely dangerous and not just detrimental. In fact, it has even been discovered that prolonged exposure to radon over the course of time is the second leading cause of lung cancer here in the United States, second only behind that of smoking and tobacco usage.

And if you know anything about lung cancer, you know that it’s a very serious condition. Lung cancer is often very difficult to treat and progresses rapidly in the typical person, often leading to death in a shorter span of time rather than a longer one. In fact, as many as twenty thousand people will die from lung cancer not only in general, but in direct relation to radon exposure alone over the course of just one year here in the United States.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can assess your danger levels and overall levels of radon in your home. For instance, radon testing companies near you will be able to provide a radon detection test for your home or even for a place like your place of business. This radon detection system will either be a short term one or a long term one. In the case of a short term system of radon detection, the test will be used for a period of two days to ninety days. If radon detection services are deemed to still be needed after this period of time, a long term test will be installed, one that measures the levels of radon in your home for ninety days or even longer if it is necessary.

If radon is detected in your home through the implementation of residential radon testing services, radon mitigation services will be provided. In order for such radon mitigation services to be as effective as possible, it’s key for your sump pump installation to be check through the use and hiring of a sump pump installation contractor. Such a contractor will be able to decide if there is a problem with your sump pump installation, something that, if fixed, can help to prevent your radon problem from returning.

And just by reducing the overall levels of radon in your home you’ll be able to lower your risk for contracting lung cancer by a significant margin. In fact, by lowering homes to radon levels that are deemed to be safe and below the action level, lung cancer deaths are expected to drop by as much as four percent, meaning that an additional five thousand or so lives will be saved per year.

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