How A Simple Remodeling Job Can Completely Change Your Home’s Atmosphere

Bathroom wall tile

Everyone wants their home to look its best — whether you’re planning on staying in your particular house for the foreseeable future, or you’re looking to sell soon. Often, what ups the value of a home isn’t so much its size or even its high tech features, but how it looks. There are certain aspects of a home that just scream luxury and the finer things in life, without being over the top. Of course, what used to look nice a few decades ago might not have the same sheen today. This is why many homeowners have started looking into remodeling in recent years. Trends are rapidly changing, and with the popularity of channels like HGTV making people all the more aware of what’s in and what’s out in terms of interior decorating, lots of homeowners want to stay on trend to avoid looking dated. This isn’t to say that you have to hire an interior decorator to remodel your home for you — a lot of updates can be done on your own. Now, there are more options than ever available for the DIY-er, and sprucing up your home on your own is about a lot more than saving money. For many, money isn’t a factor at all — they’d just rather have their home looking the way they want it to, versus the way some stranger thinks it should look. Let’s dive in — here are some great tips that will make your home look like new.

The Bathroom: The Oasis Of The Home

Bathroom remodels are extremely popular — according to a Houzz survey, about 60% of respondents were looking to remodel their master bathroom. It’s no wonder why; bathrooms often show a home’s age, as there are certain stylistic trends and features that go in and out of style in regard to bathrooms. Bathrooms are also places where people should be able to relax. You should be able to get comfortable in your tub and read a book if you like, without thinking about how old your bathroom is. With that being said, another great thing about remodeling a bathroom is that updating its look isn’t that difficult. Something as simple as changing up your tile can completely change a bathroom’s look. Glass wall tiles are particularly popular in bathroom remodeling jobs. Glass wall tiles are not only fairly easy to apply — they also look great in a bathroom, creating a frosted, steamy look. Mosaic tile bathroom walls have also been popular in recent years, if perhaps not quite as much as glass wall tiles. Both tile styles have a number of options in terms of where you can place them; glass wall tiles are great for the shower wall, and mosaic tile designs can go on the floor as well as the wall. And remember — bathroom additions offer up to an 86.4% return on your investment, so don’t hesitate to go for it once you’ve decided what you want.

The Kitchen: A Place For Character

Even a minor kitchen remodel can offer a return on your investment of up to 82.7%. The great thing about kitchen remodeling jobs is that they’re fairly easy to accomplish, while at the same time completely changing the atmosphere of your home. This is because the kitchen is where people spend a lot of their time — often it’s a communal space as well. A kitchen is a great place to explore tile countertop ideas, as well as creative kitchen backsplash ideas. If you aren’t sure about what to do with your kitchen, consult an expert; the options are endless.

The Pool: An Added Bonus

If you do have a pool, you may want to have the area surrounding it remodeled, especially if you’re looking to sell your home soon. As it’s an outdoor feature, a pool and its surrounding area can easily get grubby. Something as simple as changing up the tile around your pool can make it look brand new, without involving a complete overhaul.

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