DIY  Install Metal Roofing

DIY Install Metal Roofing

When it comes to metal roofing installation, Deboss Garage has you covered.
Ever wanted to know how to do metal roofing? Deboss Garage shows you how they work to put a metal roof on a shingle barn garage.
Get ready as we give you every little detailed tip and trick in this walk-through process with no need to remove all those shingles.

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Best tools? We will tell you briefly the best tools we use so you can have the best too.
Not only do we show you how to, but we will also explain why as well. So, you don’t run into trouble.
• Establish why it is important to have roof ventilation.
• Find out how to install strapping in an efficient way.
• How to install a drip edge.
• How to make a peak yourself.
• Hate gaps at the end? We will reveal to you a nifty tip to close it off. Not purely for eye appeal, but it also works well to prevent any critters from trying to make a home inside.
In the end, you can be proud that you did it yourself.

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