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Compressed air systems are used by most, approximately 70%, of all manufacturing plants. The assemblage of the compressed air piping design system in any plant is imperative to the overall operation of the manufacturing within those walls. When determining the demand of the system itself, a flow meter is generally used. The reason for this is because air demand will always fluctuate beyond the boundaries of what is considered to be average. A flow meter will aid in determining air flow accurately. Demand, the accurate measure of air flow, is the first component of establishing an effective compressed air piping design system.

Another necessary component in the design of the most accurate compressed air piping system is the air quality of the compressed air itself. There are six levels of function; therefore, with each level, the cost of the air production rises. The system must meet the required level without exceeding it in order for the compressed air piping design to be profitable.

Next on the list of the most basic components of compressed air system design is the air supply. It is absolutely necessary that the supply of air meets the demand. The size of the air compressor is what is important here. Air compressor size, along with air compressor piping and tubing will provide the proper amount of storage space, as well as correct distribution. This will enable the supply to meet the demand.

An air receiver tank is an integral part of compressed air piping design. It is the unit that provides most of the system’s storage capacity. The size of the air receiver tank will make all the difference in the proper amount of cycling of compressed air without overuse; therefore, the size of the tank will also play a major part in the cost effectiveness of the system as a whole.

The distribution system is responsible for circulating the appropriate amounts of air to the different locations. The amount of air distributed must match the pressure required in order to deliver the compressed air where it needs to go with the least amount of drop in pressure.

Before beginning the assemblage of compressed air piping design, one of the first things to consider is the actual layout of the room in which the system is to be installed. The size and the layout will make a major difference when deciding on the size of the piping supplies to be used. The compressors themselves should always be in a separate room where the temperature is consistently cool and the air and surroundings are always clean. The piping needs to be durable, so as to be able to function with very little pressure loss through whatever work conditions are carried out in the room. When the system is designed correctly, any loss of pressure will be 10% of the discharge pressure of the compressor. This can be measured on a gage located on the compressor’s outlet.

Because compressed air system leaks are extremely expensive to fix, maintenance is essential to the proper and efficient continued running of compressed air piping design. A small one eighth inch hole in the system can cost up to $1200 in energy wasted every year. It is much more worth the effort of checking and maintaining the piping every so often than it is to lose that amount of energy and profit every single year.

In order to prevent the compressor from losing its efficiency, it is important to control the condensation and contaminants that may harm it. This is called condensate control and can be carried out by apparatus such as a drain valve, an air dryer, and coalescing filter.

When this type of system is correctly assembled and installed, it is an extremely useful and beneficial source of power. For manufacturing plants and other locations, it provides cost effective energy that is safe, efficient, economical, easily adaptive, and easily channeled. Compressed air systems can easily be installed by trained and experienced professionals who will have the work done with no disruption to business already being conducted at the location. In addition, customers can enlist these professionals for the ongoing maintenance of the system after installation is finished.

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