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    The Importance of Repairing Household Leaks and Other Plumbing Issues

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    The average family living within the United States uses a considerable amount of water. For many households, this amounts to over 300 gallons a day. Plumbing Manufacturers International reported, however, that 13.7% of this water usage is due to household leaks.

    Water Waste Due to Household Leaks

    When homes have leaks in their plumbing systems, this can waste a significant amount of water. The EPA reported that these average household leaks may be wasting as much as 180 gallons of water every week. On a daily basis, approximately ten percent of homes with leaks can waste up to 90 gallons of water. In some cases, even more water may be wasted.

    Sewer Cleaning and Other Services

    Sewer systems may need cleaning or repair for a variety of reasons. For households located in areas that experience inclement weather, for example, sewer systems may become backed up with debris. If a sewer system isn’t functioning optimally, then it would be necessary to contact a Sew