Siding Companies Protecting More than Just What Meets the Eye

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    Siding companies often also specialize in roof repairs, insulation solutions and other exterior procedures for your home or business. Finding a contractor is essential to putting your best face forward while maintaining the integrity of your home’s exterior.

    Your home or business’s exterior makes a statement at the very first impression. Choosing the right siding color and materials for your home is an important first step toward increasing its curb appeal and value. Your personal style can be expressed through the choices you make from browsing online, even before you search for siding companies in Madison WI that service your area.

    In a web article by , a comprehensive list of exterior choices with photo examples can generate ideas.

    Here, we provide tips from professionals on how to choose siding companies that may also provide insulation, roof replacement and gutter installation, protecting your home or business for years to come.

    • Choose the right siding material for your exterior. Whether you are replacing existing siding or choosing for new construction, a reputable siding company will provide recommendations for the appropriate material for siding and insulation, if necessary.
    • Most residential and commercial siding companies also offer roof replacement, gutter installation and downspouts.These improvements often take place in tandem with your siding installation, so you should consider researching insulation contractors that can provide necessary roof repair or gutter replacement at the same time.
    • Know your siding materials and their properties.Examples include:
      1. Vinyl: maintenance free and comes in style including shakes, lap and fish scales
      2. Wood: classic, never out of style, can be treated with flame retardant
      3. Engineered wood siding: an excellent lightweight material resistant to moisture.
      4. Fiber cement siding: composite of cement, sand ad wood. Resistant to fire and insects, but heavier and requires extra cutting tools.
      5. Insulated vinyl siding: made of PVC, like water and sewer pipes. Affordable and energy efficient, but may fade in sun exposure.
      6. Metal: durable, wide range of colors, resists rot and insects

      Remember, before you choose a siding, it is advised that you consult with siding companies that can also provide you with a full evaluation of other exterior needs, such as gutters, downspouts, roof repair, ventilation and insulation.