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    How to Create a Safer Work Environment From Safety Training to Commercial Floor Coating

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    When you own or operate a business, you want to ensure that your employees, clients, and customers are in a safe environment. One of the more significant ways to enhance safety is to have quality flooring. You are likely aware that slip and fall accidents are quite prevalent. These are also the most common type of accidents that occur in hotels, public buildings, and restaurants.

    The Costs Associated With Slip and Fall Incidents

    When employees experience a slip and fall incident, 22% of these individuals will be absent from work for over a month. In addition to being concerned for their employee’s well-being, employers will also be concerned with the smooth functioning of their business.

    There are also significant financial costs associated with these types of incidents. Due to employee compensati

    Picking the Right Roofing Materials for the Climate Can Help Reduce Energy Costs

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    The roof line of a house gives it character and beauty. But the roof has practical functions as well, being one of the primary components keeping the structure safe and secure. Roofs have to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, and protect against hail, rain, wind and snow. Roofs also serve to regulate the building temperature and an insulated roof can make a big difference to the heating and cooling needs of a home.

    Roofs define and protect your house
    Roofs comprise about 40% of your home?s exterior, and serve to define your house?s character and appearance. Roofs also serve to protect buildings from the elements. When you consider both functions together, it?s easy to see why roofs come