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    Frequently Asked Questions About Radon and Residential Radon Testing

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    Radon mitigation company

    When did you last have your home tested for radon? Maybe you’ve never had it tested, or maybe you’ve never even heard of radon at all. For the health and safety of you and your family, read the following frequently asked questions about radon and have your home tested as soon as possible.

    1. What is radon?

      Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas formed by the natural decay or uranium. According to the Surgeon General, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon naturally occurs in soil, and when the gas is outside, it dissipates into the atmosphere, rendering it harmless. However, if radon enters your home, it builds up and may pose serious health risks.
    2. How common is radon in homes?

    Compressed Air System DesignThe Best in Cost Effectiveness

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    Air compressor piping

    Compressed air systems are used by most, approximately 70%, of all manufacturing plants. The assemblage of the compressed air piping design system in any plant is imperative to the overall operation of the manufacturing within those walls. When determining the demand of the system itself, a flow meter is generally used. The reason for this is because air demand will always fluctuate beyond the boundaries of what is considered to be average. A flow meter will aid in determining air flow accurately. Demand, the accurate measure of air flow, is the first component of establishing an effective compressed air piping design system.

    Another necessary component in the design of t

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    Finding the Perfect Kitchen and Entertainment Cabinets for Your Home

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    You have the perfect idea for how you want your home to look. Sometimes the dream home that is envisioned from a young age is not always the one that you end up with, at least for your first home. But that doesn’t mean that your current home cannot be transformed to something closer to your ideal. Remodeling a home is a pretty big undertaking, but definitely worth it, if in the end your home is more functional, a place that you can more easily feel relaxed and comfortable, and eventually results on a decent return on investment.

    One thing that makes a home immediately more efficient is cabinet space. The right look can add the perfect aesthetic that expresses your style, and it also gives you valuable storage space.

    From entertainment cabinets to the perfect kitchen design

    Contemporary Italian SofasComfort and Beauty

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    Fine italian leather furniture

    Contemporary italian sofas are basically made of a fabric devoid of design, providing a flat surface, usually surrounded by a chrome type of metal structuring, sometimes in a tubular fashion, that will provide a smooth flow with clear cut edging. Italian contemporary furniture is not too different from any other furniture of a contemporary style, the difference being that modern furniture is usually designed to accentuate the fine arts of the locale it expresses. For instance, just as stylish european furniture should bring out the flavors of fine arts that grew out of Europe over the centuries, contemporary italian sofas